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Canada looks good on a girl... but so do

hey there!

I'm an expert at social media and online marketing, nerd at all things analytics, and find instant gratification in finding clients placements in online and print articles.

I like to call myself a digital unicorn since my work with clients encompasses everything from social media management and product photography, to pitching and landing placements in nationwide magazines and building their website.

While I'm personally located in Seattle, WA, I virtually work with clients across North America to increase their social presence and marketing strategy while maintaining their branding and style via my business Social Studio Co.

I'm Michelle.


Social media is a full-time job, so why try to do it yourself when you could be focusing your efforts somewhere else (like running your business and growing it to larger scales!).

Working with me, you'll have full communication (email, Skype calls, Slack, you name it!). I'll manage your social media strategy from the bare-bones of analyzing your competitors and structuring your strategy, to implementing it full-force with organic & paid advertising, and providing monthly analytics.

what to expect

Let's customize your social package!
It’s surprising how much you can miss li

I’ve been doing this since the beginning of time! Believe it or not, social media marketing hasn’t been around for that long. I’ve been through Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the tragic death of Vine, and plenty of Instagram shutdowns - and this is all AS a social media manager, not simply a user!


I also have something that most social media managers don't have - a unique understanding on how to use data & observe social behaviors (I'm a Statistics & Sociology major, so this is my jam!).

why me?

So what are you waiting for?
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Whether you're ready to commit to a partnership, or just want to chat and get a feel for each other, shoot me a message! I'm happy to jump on a call or grab some coffee to talk about your needs.

let's chat!

instagram is my thing

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