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How to Effectively Advertise on Instagram

Instagram advertising tips

Instagram is by far my favorite social platform - not only because it's primarily visual and mobile platform, but also because it's an incredibly unique method to advertising your ecommerce business. But whether you choose to use photos, videos, or text-based posts - it’s a challenge to truly get the content right and in front of the right people.

If your brand is just starting out with Instagram advertising, or even if you’re still in the process of figuring it out - these tips and tricks will help you find your niche in one of the largest social media platforms today.

Don’t Over-Brand

The first rule-of-thumb is to not make your logo the center of attention. While it’s tempting to feature your brand anywhere you can, quality content is more important and is ultimately the content that will gather your brand attention.

Instead of putting your logo front-and-center in your ad, subtly add it to the background of the photo or make it visible but not the center of attention. Alternatively, try adding an iconic and memorable color that correlates to your brand.

High Quality Photography

Make sure your Instagram photography is high-quality. That means bright & natural lighting, high contrasted photos, and photos that will fit in naturally with others but also have enough of a focus that it will stand out amongst the others. It’s important to not over-edit a professional photo to make it look fake and over-exposed. Keep it authentic!

Keep The Text to a Minimum

Marketing an ultra-visual social media platform, it’s important to keep the text to a minimum. Your potential customers on Instagram are likely to be drawn to your brand because your photo captured their attention, and not through text-based content.

Make your photo the main focus of your ad. If you do decide to use text, use Facebook’s handy 20% rule and overlay your text. Better yet, use the caption to accompany your ad with longer, more descriptive text.

Use Strong & Creative Focal Points

With every photo posted on your business’ Instagram, there needs to be a focus to it - something that you really want your audience to notice. Instead of blending it in with the rest of the elements, make sure to really make it pop with various colors, lighting effects, and creative layouts. Give Instagram users a reason to stop their endless scroll and truly engage with your photo.

Be Bold

Color is one of the most important features to consider when creating your Instagram ad. Bright and bold colors will stand out more in Instagram feeds and will give users a reason to look at your ad, and ultimately interact with your business.

Create a Theme

One of the hardest elements to developing your brand on Instagram is creating a common theme. Whether your Instagram profile has a certain color consistency, or a photo pattern alternating between lifestyle photos and customer testimonials; it’s important to keep the theme on track. Let users know that your business really values social media, taking the time and effort to build out your Instagram brand.

If you’re looking to start advertising on Instagram, or perhaps it’s time to refresh and improve your ad creative, these photography tips and tricks will give you the start you need to confidently structure your Instagram marketing strategy!

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